Questions about the Link Concealer

Uh, what is this?

This is a online tool that allows you to conceal a given link to some extent. I made this as a fun project of mine.

How does it work?

The generated link directs you to redirect.html, where all the calculations are performed.

Is this the most secure way to hide my link?

Absolutely not: the processing is done locally and the code isn't even obfuscated. I could, but I'm not in the mood.
If you want to truely hide your link, then look elsewhere. Use this just to hide links "at a glance".

Does this work with data URIs?

Yes, and that's actually the reason I made this. For some reason I can't just redirect to data URIs, so I had to assemble a blob to make it work.
Also, at the moment embedding images doesn't work for some reason. Not sure why though.

When I regenerate my link, the generated link changed! Why?

It's just a quirk in my code.

Is this free?

Yes! Just don't use it for malicious purposes, okay? You're the one responsible for the generated links, not me.

Because of your website, my PC got a virus! I blame you!

Oof, tough luck. Also, no I'm not the one who held responsible for things like that.